Can You Have Oral Sex On Your Period?

Can You Have Oral Sex On Your Period?

You can absolutely have oral sex on your period. There, we said it. Whether you’re one of those lucky ducks that gets hornier on your period, you’re a thrill seeker looking to buck a taboo, or you’re simply curious about another way to explore your body (or your partner’s body), period oral can be an extremely pleasurable way to connect and enjoy some pretty intense orgasms. There are a few practical details to work out, but once you’ve set expectations and maybe laid down a towel or two, you’re on your way to what could be some of the most exciting sex you’ll ever have. 

Is it safe to have oral sex on your period? 

Yes, it is completely safe to have oral on your period. First and foremost, menstruation is a natural, normal part of life – it’s not shameful and it’s not dirty. However, blood does present a few unique considerations and does squick some people out (more on boundaries and communication with your partner later). 

But before you jump straight into the fruit punch, you should make sure that you and your partner have been screened for possible STIs; just like every other sex act out there, you should both be aware of the risks. “It’s safe to have oral sex on your period, however, due to the blood involved, there’s a slightly increased risk of spreading an STI like HIV or syphilis if you already have one of those conditions,” says Tatyana Dyachenko, a sexual and relationship therapist with Peaches and Screams. “You can also spread other STIs like chlamydia or gonorrhea if you have those,” Dyachenko continues. “Get screened regularly to make sure you’re STI-free.” 

Are there benefits to having oral sex on your period? 

Sex of all kinds during your period can have a lot of benefits including better mood, an increased sex drive, and built-in natural lubrication, but oral sex during menstruation takes all of those benefits to a whole new level. Here are even more reasons to try out swimming the red sea:

You might already be more turned on: 

There are so many reasons why having oral on your period could make you feel extra spicy. For one, your hormones are surging during your cycle. Levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone change drastically during the first few days of your period. That can cause an increase in blood flow and sensations in tissues all over your body, including your vagina and clitoris but also in your largest sexual organ—your brain. Hormone changes during your cycle can have a huge impact on your mental arousal as well as physical arousal. Lucky you! 

Your surplus horniness could also stem from the fact that having oral during your period might feel a bit naughty. “Oral sex on your period may feel taboo, which may make it more arousing,” says Sarah Melancon, PhD, a certified sexologist and sexuality and relationships expert for “Some people actually have a fetish or kink for menstrual blood, which makes that time of the month extra-exciting.” 

You’re more likely to orgasm: 

Oral sex is 3X more likely to result in an orgasm for a person with a vulva, and if you’re one of those lucky people who get hornier during your period you’re also more aroused to begin with. According to Dyachenko, “In some cases, [menstruation] can make it easier for you to orgasm as there is an increased amount of blood flow to your pelvic area and vulva—making you far more sensitive than normal.” So if you normally have a little more difficulty finding the big O, period oral might be a good way to get you there more often.

You can have stronger orgasms: 

Menstruation can make you more sensitive, so more intense orgasms are possible

Thanks to that heightened arousal and increased blood flow to all the tingliest bits, the orgasms you have may also be more intense and pleasurable because your clitoris and pelvic area are both more engorged (swollen) and excited. And again, if your brain is also stimulated, your arousal just becomes that much more intense. More AND better orgasms? Sign us up!

You can relieve menstrual cramps: 

“Orgasms can help relieve menstrual cramps, so particularly for those who love oral orgasms—it’s not just for pleasure, it’s for your health, too!” says Melancon. While there’s still research to be done, some studies do suggest that orgasms have the power to relieve menstrual cramps, and the science seems to back it up too. When you orgasm your body releases a flood of so-called “happy chemicals” like endorphins and dopamine, which are helpful in regulating the feeling of pain. Oxytocin, another feel-good brain chemical, is also responsible for causing the uterine muscles to contract, which might also shorten menstruation by pushing more fluid out of the uterus.

You can experience deeper connection and intimacy: 

Having oral sex can be an intensely intimate act with someone’s face right up against your most sensitive parts, and being on your period may intensify that feeling. “Because many women have reservations about oral sex on their period, actually doing the act can feel quite intimate,” Melancon adds. Hear that? Making your partner feel wanted and desired, especially during their period when they might not be feeling their best, can lead to even greater closeness—which is also a big contributor to improved libido longer-term. It’s like a beautiful circle of pleasure and intimacy!

Tips for Having Oral Sex on Your Period 

So now we know that cunnilingus during menstruation is safe and can result in some pretty stellar orgasms—but how do you actually do it? Let’s dive into all of our favorite tips, tricks, and techniques for eating the cherry snow cone:

Chat with your partner. 

Before you just go to town on that snow cone, be sure to talk things over with your partner first. Remember, open and honest communication is necessary to ensure that you and your partner are comfortable, safe, and ready for anything. “Make sure you and your partner are on the same page,” says Melancon. “Discussing your desires, fears, and concerns can make you both feel more comfortable and enjoy yourselves in the moment.” 

Don’t be afraid to talk about the “embarrassing” stuff. 

When you sit down to chat with your partner, it’s important to talk about the not-so-sexy stuff too. “Include potentially embarrassing what if’s, like ‘What if my period gets all over your face?’, ‘What about the smell and taste?’, and ‘Where should we do this, to try and minimize the mess?’” Melancon adds. “Communicate any limits. For instance, some may prefer to only be licked near the clitoris and have their partner avoid the vaginal opening further south.” And that goes for the partner doing the licking, too—they might have some boundaries to establish as well. 

Try masturbating first. 

Explore using hands or toys first to get a feel for the sensations.

If you’re too nervous for partnered play, try masturbating (while on your period) first. “It may be helpful to try masturbating on your period by yourself first, perhaps without a tampon or menstrual cup inside,” says Melancon. “That way you can get used to sexual sensations paired with menstrual blood, which can help you feel more comfortable with being sexual on your period.” Then, if you’re both feeling comfortable, masturbate with your partner in the room so they can also get more comfortable with the experience. 

Take a shower together & prep with a towel. 

If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious, there are a few things you can do, including washing up beforehand. “You may want to have a shower or bath beforehand or, even better, have oral sex in the shower or bath!” says Dyachenko. That way you can have an easy way of managing any fluid that appears and minimize the chance of any blood getting anywhere you don’t want it. “I'd also advise putting an old towel down on the bed just in case any blood gets onto the sheets,” explains Dyachenko. 

Plan it for a light flow day.

“Start off on a low flow day to see if you're both happy with oral on your period rather than jumping straight in on a full flowing day,” Dyachenko continues. By exploring the crimson tide on a day at the very beginning or end of your period, you both can get a feel for what it’s like and make any adjustments for the next time.

Save yourself the trouble and buy a pack of Lorals! Lorals are single-use, ultra-thin latex panties that you wear during oral sex anytime you don’t want skin to skin contact—like for period oral. They’re specifically designed to fit and feel like silky lingerie, but they also form a comfy seal against the body to block any fluid from slipping out during cunnilingus (or rimming if you’re looking to explore butt stuff too). Lorals are especially good when you’ve just begun exploring period sex: “Awesome products like Lorals can help ease fears and make you and your partner more comfortable,” says Melancon. 

If you’re uncomfortable, stop. 

It’s important to set boundaries and stick to them. If you’re even the least bit uncomfortable, let your partner know ASAP. “Always remember that you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with,” says Dyachenko. “Just because some people enjoy oral sex whilst on their period doesn't mean you have to,” Dyachenko points out. “If you're curious, then try it! If you find you're not enjoying it, then say so.” 

Closing Thoughts 

Having oral sex on your period can feel new, exciting, and even a little nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never done it before. Like most things sexual, part of the fun is taking it slow and enjoying the journey together. You might end up discovering a new favorite type of orgasm or find yourself feeling closer than ever to your partner. Or you may find that period sex really isn’t your thing, and that’s completely OK. Sex is about feeling good, and if period oral isn't your cup of tea, there are all kinds of other new ways to explore and enjoy!


Written by Tabitha Britt, a freelance writer and editor. She's also the founding-editor-in-chief of DO YOU ENDO, the first (and only) no-BS digital magazine for individuals with endometriosis by individuals with endometriosis in the US. You can find her byline in a variety of publications including Insider, Medical News Today, and Kinkly. 

Reviewed and Edited by Sarah Brown, a sex and intimacy educator with 10 years of experience designing and marketing intimate wellness and pleasure products.