About the Product

Why would I use Lorals?

Receiving oral sex can be so, so wonderful. It’s empowering, because for those few minutes it’s ALL about you. And it feels great – studies have shown that cunnilingus can lead to an orgasm three times more often than intercourse! Plus, there are a couple other places your partner can explore with their mouth…

But yet, we women say no to oral sex pretty darn often. During our research before launching Lorals, we spoke with dozens of women who recalled the times they’d refused oral sex – after getting home from the gym or a sports victory, during a camping trip, at the end of two days without a shower, and many other times. It wasn’t because they didn’t want it, it was because they didn’t feel fresh. And lots of women told us that even if they said yes, they were distracted during the experience: worried about their scent or taste, or about whether their partner was enjoying it.

We decided to fix that.

With Lorals, women can love oral always: anytime, anywhere, any post-shower-day. Our sexy latex panties are paper-thin and stretchy so that you can feel the sensations your partner is passing along, but they also block scents and fluids. With Lorals, you look sexy, you feel beautiful, and you're worry free, so you can love oral always.

How do Lorals work?

Lorals work by creating a barrier between your partner’s mouth and nose and your vulva and anus during oral sex. The material stretches so that your partner can utilize their tongue to its fullest extent. The material creates friction on your skin, causing it to adhere without feeling sticky, and it stays in place during sexual activity. Excess material on the sides of your outer labia can slide inward if necessary, thus keeping your vulva and anus covered.

Can I re-use Lorals?

Nope, Lorals are not reusable. Once you’ve had your fun, remove and dispose of your Lorals in a trash can. Don’t flush them, because the material could clog your toilet.

Can I use Lorals as regular underwear?

Lorals are only designed to be worn during sexual activity. Because they aren’t breathable like regular underwear, we do not recommend wearing them for more than 60 minutes.

Should I use lubricant with my Lorals?

After putting on your Lorals and before receiving oral sex, you may wish to place a small amount of any commercially available water-based lubricant directly on your clitoral area or your anus.

Are they really one size fits all?

Lorals are designed to flatter a wide range of body shapes and sizes. We’ve fit-tested Lorals on women who wear sizes XS-XL at Victoria’s Secret, so if VS fits you, Lorals will fit you.

Can Lorals be used as a dental dam or oral dam?

Not yet.

You might have heard of dental dams (also known as oral dams), which prevent transmission of STDs during oral sex. We know that dental dams aren't super fun to use: they must be held in place, they can move around on the body causing bacteria to transmit from the anus to the vagina, and they can make a partner gag or lose their breath. And they're not sexy! With Lorals, we’ve created a sexier, more user-friendly product that we hope will become a much better option for your STD-prevention needs. We will soon be seeking clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which would allow us to market our products as dental-dam alternatives that prevent STD transmission.

But currently, Lorals are not medical devices and have not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. FDA for the mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease. Right now, we make no guarantees that our products prevent the transmission of STDs during oral sex. Therefore, Lorals are purely novelty products.

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If I'm allergic to latex, can I use Lorals?

Unfortunately, no. Lorals contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If you are unsure of whether you are allergic to latex, please contact your doctor or allergist.

As with any personal care product, if you notice any discomfort you should temporarily discontinue use.

About Your Order

Do you ship worldwide?

Not yet – please contact us and let us know the country you’d like us to ship to. We’re working hard to make Lorals available to as many people as possible.

What does it mean to pre-order?

Pre-ordering means that you have ordered and paid for your Lorals before their ship date. Pre-orders will ship in early 2017. You will be notified by a shipping confirmation email that your Lorals have shipped.

What is your return / exchange policy?

Due to the hygienic nature of our product, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or exchanges.

What kind of packaging will my Lorals be shipped in?

Lorals products are shipped with low waste, in a discrete padded envelope or a small box. The label will read Brazen Goods LLC, the name of our parent company.

About the Company

What does the name Lorals mean?

“Lorals” is a blend of the words in our tagline: love, oral, and always. The goal of our company is to promote love and passion, particularly with regards to oral sex, and to empower women to be able to request and to say yes to oral sex, always. We also love that the name almost rhymes with the act of oral – hopefully the name Lorals will be on the tip of your tongue, whenever you think of oral sex. Yet the word “Lorals” is plural, like many products with holes for legs: panties, undies, pants, and shorts.