Your Pleasure. Your Terms.

Silky latex panties designed to maximize sensations and minimize worries.

Lesbian / Queer couple hugging while looking happy wearing black latex underwear
Curvy woman hugging man with beard. Woman is wearing latex underwear and holding packet of Lorals

A New Way to Say Yes to Oral

Because 87% have turned it down when they actually wanted to get down.

(Based on a randomized nationwide survey of 200 women.)

Dealing with scratchy beard during oral sex and cunnilingus. My partners boyfriends husbands facial hair hurts when he goes down on me.

No Rough Scruff

Cushion your privates from your partner’s facial hair.

Oral sex on your period. Period blood during oral sex. I don't want my partner boyfriend husband girlfriend to go down on me during my period. dental dam during period

Save Your Sheets

500-thread count cotton and period blood just don’t mix.

Oral sex after sexual assault or trauma. Receiving oral sex for transgender, gender non-confirming, and non-binary people or people with gender dysphoria.


An opaque layer for those not comfortable being fully exposed.

self conscious during oral sex after a long day. Don't want my partner to go down on me because I'm not feeling clean.


Enjoy impromptu oral along with your endorphin rush.

Underwear for tossing the salad, anilingus, analingus, anal-oral sex, cunnilingus panty, anal sex

Hit the Rim

Explore rimming without getting tangled up in thoughts about you-know-what.

Kinky fetish wear fashion lingerie. Latex products to spice up your oral sex life.

Pleasure Play

Snap, stretch, or rip through our slinky latex to kink things up.

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Love Oral Always

Couple having an intimate moment. Woman is wearing black latex underwear. Pants made for sex

Intimacy For All

Our opaque latex offers a sexy alternative when you’re not in the mood to bare all.

Woman stretching black latex oral sex panties. Latex Underwear Female

10x Thinner Than Normal Panties

Lorals are ultra-thin so you feel every.little.thing. Plus, the super stretchy latex is easy on your partner’s tongue.

Sex latex pant. cunnilingus pants. latex underpants. rippable panties. sex panties. lingerie oral sex. not yet a dental dam cunnilingus.

Ready When You Need ‘Em

Lorals are single-use and individually packaged to fit discretely in a bag or pocket.

Let's Check You Out

Woman wearing black latex underwear and bra
Woman wearing black latex underwear and bra Woman wearing black latex underwear and bra Woman posing in black latex oral sex panty Butt shot of woman wearing black latex oral sex underwear Woman posing in black latex panty and black bra Hip shot of woman wearing dental dam underwear Woman posing in black latex panty Backside of a woman in latex underwear for oral sex Hand holding pack of Lorals

We think it’s about damn time panties were designed for the pleasure of their wearer. Lorals are single-use, natural latex panties made specifically for oral sex and rimming. Sport our Shorties for fuller coverage or bare a bit more in our Bikinis. Learn how to Love Oral Always.

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