"Just the thought of them turned me on! Carrying them around felt like a sexy secret. And when I tried them, I felt so much sensation. I was surprised how sensitive they were! I could feel waaay more than I thought I would! Certain positions felt more comfortable and enjoyable than usual. I found that sitting on his face was actually way more enjoyable than usual. I mean I usually like it, but it felt way more smooth and pleasantly firm than usual." —Leigh, 36


"I tried my sample Lorals after I got home from the gym and was looking for some action. I was really shocked because when you look at them you’re like no way, but then you put them on they're really comfortable, they kind of fit like a boy short. It’s like what I would wear if it weren’t latex, they were sheer and comfy. It was so awesome to get it on right after coming home from the gym, without having to worry about sweat or anything else. The oral sex felt great, orgasm and all! I'm really excited to buy these when they come out." —Anne, 28


"My partner loves when I go down on her but she’s picky about when it happens. I love that I can use these after she’s gone to the gym or used the bathroom, when she’d otherwise say no. She looks really sexy in them, and I love that I can see what I need to see but there’s a little bit of mystery too. The product doesn’t taste like anything, and I couldn’t smell or taste my partner’s scent. I wouldn't want to miss out on that every time, but honestly after she’s gone to the gym I’m okay with it. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the moment without being overwhelmed, you know? And the really important thing is that she LOVED it. The whole experience was super sexy and we’re excited to use Lorals again." —Donna, 34


"They were even more comfortable than underwear! Form-fitting yet not tight. And I still felt all the sensitivity of touch." —Janna, 27


"The packaging and design of the product make it seem really classy and give the feel of a special occasion. The instructions were very clear and they fit perfectly. In the morning, before my shower, I am normally not comfortable with receiving oral sex, and with Lorals I felt so much more confident and comfortable. After I got used to it, I didn't even notice they were on." —Callie, 28


"My wife put on the Lorals and looked so f***ing hot! I was ready to go for it immediately." —Allen, 33


"My first Lorals experience was great! I love going down on my partner, but it doesn't happen nearly as much as I would like. My spontaneous offers for oral sex to start the day are almost always turned down until after she showers, by which point I've usually left for the day. This time, I slid the Lorals on her while we were still in bed and was able bring her to orgasm in just a few minutes. The stretch was amazing and they snapped back into form after they went over her hips. They fit like a normal pair of panties and I look forward to my partner teasing me with them on in the future. After a minute or so, my partner said that she could hardly tell the Lorals were on! I love her taste but most importantly I like giving pleasure, so it's an easy trade-off. Lorals allowed us both to start the day with big smiles on our faces." —Jeff, 35