We All Deserve Safe, Pleasurable Oral Sex



Phthalate Free

Phthalate Free

Free of Parabens

Free of Parabens

Chlorine Free

Chlorine Free

A New Way To Say Yes To Oral

Because 87% have turned it down when they actually wanted to get down (based on a randomized survey of 200 women)

Man with beard facial hair

No Rough Stuff

Does your partner have facial hair that is scratchy and uncomfortable? No problem.

Bed with stain

Save Your Sheets

500 thread count cotton and periods just don’t mix. Protect your linens.

No need to worry about a dental dam moving around your body. Lorals for Protection stay in place.

Trigger Free

An opaque layer for those not comfortable being fully exposed.

Oral after the gym can be intimidating


Enjoy impromptu, passionate fun along with your endorphin rush

Oral-anal feels great but can be worrisome

Hit the Rim

Explore without worry.

Slap Lorals against the skin for sweet sensations

Pressure Play

Snap, stretch, or rip through our slinky latex to spice things up.

Say Yes Anytime

How to Maximize Sensation

To allow for full tongue and finger penetration, we recommend doing the Lorals "tuck." Nestle the Lorals between the folds of your vagina and between your butt cheeks. (Trust us, this is one wedgie SO worth it.)

How to Have Hands-Free Fun

Just put 'em on! Lorals are silky on the outside and have a slip-free texture on the inside that clings to the skin so you don’t need to hold them in place. Extra coverage in the gusset also ensures they stay put during vigorous activity.

How to Keep the Mystery

Lorals are individually packaged in a discreet pouch sized to fit in your back pocket or handbag. Some say just carrying it around gets them excited!

Get the FAQs Straight

Because Lorals are a first-of-their kind product, we get a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked.

Lorals are there for you when you want to feel the intimate sensations of foreplay but don’t want the skin-to-skin contact or up-close exposure. Use Lorals to feel more comfort if: your partner has scratchy and uncomfortable facial hair; you have hypersensitivity causing pain during intimate touch; you’re menstruating and concerned about mess; you’re a foreplay beginner and want to ease in; you face dysphoria or don’t want to associate your genitals with intimacy; past trauma makes it tough to let someone that close; or anything else is holding you back from pleasure. With Lorals, you have the freedom to say yes.

Lorals create a layer between your partner’s mouth and nose and your vulva and anus during oral sex and rimming, and the opaque latex material provides additional stimulation to the clitoris and labia without skin-to-skin contact. The super stretchy, silky panties sculpt to your body’s curves, allowing your partner’s mouth and tongue to move fully. Lorals stay in place during oral sex and are designed to cover your vulva and anus the entire time. (Please note that Lorals don't block STDs/STIs just yet.)

They smell like vanilla! The scent comes from food-grade, water-based vanilla flavor. It's also used in baking and has a slight taste of vanilla. And in case you were wondering, Lorals don't have a rubber smell like some other latex products.

Lorals are not reusable. A material as thin as ours can only be used once! After you’ve had your fun, remove and dispose your Lorals.

Not yet. We will soon be seeking clearance from the U.S. FDA, which would allow us to market our products as dental-dam alternatives that protect against STD/STI transmission. Currently, Lorals are not medical devices and have not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. FDA for the mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.


Laurels for Lorals