Heat Up A Chilly Halloween Night With Lorals-Inspired Costumes

Heat Up A Chilly Halloween Night With Lorals-Inspired Costumes

There are sooo many things to love about fall — comfy cardigans, watching the leaves turn orange, pumpkin spice everything. But far and away the best thing about fall is Halloween ... and we’re not referring to trick or treating. Halloween — with its costumes, celebration, and lack of inhibition — is also a great way to pumpkin-spice up your sex life. Here’s how you can use Lorals to bring the fun of Halloween into a steamy night with your partner.

Try out that BDSM you’ve been craving.

Unleash your inner Dom and get kinky this Halloween. Got Lorals, fishnets, and some heeled boots? You’re good to go. Need a primer? Check out some tips for exploring BDSM and kink here.

Channel your inner bunny rabbit.

See that black peeking out from under Regina’s white leotard? Looks like a certain opaque black latex panty to us. This sexy outfit is a classic, and it’s a good low maintenance option because all you need is Lorals, a white leotard, and some bunny ears (which will clearly stay on during your fun 😉). 


Turn on the California Sexiness as Katy Perry.

California Girls, Firework, I Kissed A Girl...the pop star and American Idol judge has given us some iconic hits, and also served up some pretty memorable costumes in her day. Remember the full hamburger costume at this year’s MET Gala? Who could forget. There are a lot of eras of Perry to choose from, but if you’re looking to include Lorals then you’re in luck — girl is in her underwear a lot. Here are a few bedroom-ready Katy Perry looks that could easily use Lorals as a bottom.


Celebrate Halloween as Kim K.

The Kardashian sisters are queens at serving iconic looks every day, and Halloween is a great time for the rest of us to copy their style. If you want to feel like you just raided Kim K’s closet, try out one of the two looks that show up in her wardrobe over and over again. First, this mesh outfit is so sexy, and you can recreate the look using Lorals as the bottoms for some Kardashian-inspired play time. And if your partner wants to surprise you wearing nothing but Yeezys, that’s your business. Or, the black latex look is peak Kim — sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Pairing Lorals’ opaque latex with some thigh high boots and pointy glasses is a great way to channel your inner Kim.

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Well, that’s all she wrote folks. Keep it classy or get nasty this Halloween —  it’s all up to you. Hope you enjoy your steamy Halloween night with your partner and Lorals!