Pumpkin Spice Up Your Bedroom With These Positions

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Bedroom With These Positions

OK, I think we can all agree that Hot Grrl Summer 2020 did not go as planned. Now we’re peeking our heads out of hibernation just in time for the weather to get chilly and tempt us back to the cozy indoors. Luckily, Lorotica is here to give you tips on making the most of Horny BB Autumn (can that catch on?) with some oral sex positions that are perfect for fall.

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The best power play position for staying warm under blankets 🧡

This is a fun oral sex position for people who want to receive, while staying in control of the scene. Here’s how it works: the receiver lays on their back, with their legs bent. The giver nuzzles their head in between their partner’s legs, resting on their elbows. So far, so good. Here’s where the power play comes in: the receiver holds the giver’s hands down, and clutches their thighs together to gently control the giver’s head. This position is sometimes called “Locked in the Stocks” and it can all be done from bed while covered in your warmest blankies! And for added kink, you can wear your Lorals and command your partner to rip right through them. Enjoy the sexy urgency of ripped panties...without ruining your favorite underwear.

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Classic spooning-to-69 for cold mornings spent snuggled in bed 💤

Morning sex is a great way to start off your day with a bang. Who doesn’t love getting in a little O before coffee? If you wake up with your partner, you’re likely familiar with spooning: a form of cuddling where one person cups the other’s body like a little spoon nesting inside a big spoon. But, this position is also great for some hot sex. The big spoon is the giver, and can begin by reaching around for some nipple stimulation with one hand, and move on to teasing the vulva, penis, or asshole with the other hand. For getting your mouth involved, it’s easy to scrunch down (further into the blankets!) into the 69 position for some hot added tongue action. If you keep sex toys like vibrators or dildos by the bedside table, it’s easy to grab them to heat up the morning, without interrupting the mood. 

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Two words: Crotchless. 🔥 Tights. 🔥

‘Tis the season for layering tights under your clothes, but did you know your next pantyhose order could be hottt in addition to keeping you warm? Let us introduce you to crotchless tights. They make for easy access for your partner to get right to some oral without even taking off your clothes. And, if you like a little bit of public play, these make it easy to sneak off into the office bathroom for a quickie. If you want to try them out but feel a little nakie without your panties, you can always throw a pair of Lorals on underneath, and still feel every inch of your partner’s tongue without taking off your tights.

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PSL stands for public 👏 sex 👏love 👏

It gets darker a lot earlier as the weather cools down, and while you might miss daylight happy hours, the early sunset gives you a great excuse to try out a little public play. People head home earlier to avoid driving in the dark, so take advantage of a mostly-empty workplace and surprise your partner after work for a quickie in the bathroom. Or just leave your bedroom windows wide open and feel the rush of cool air mix with excitement knowing someone could see you. If you keep the light off and hook up after dark, you can get all the rush, while feeling safe knowing it’s way less likely your neighbors would actually be able to make out what’s happening.

So go ahead and grab a pumpkin scented candle, your partner, and a pair of Lorals and let Horny BB Autumn begin! 



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