From Our Mouth to Yours: The Definitive Guide to Using Lorals

From Our Mouth to Yours: The Definitive Guide to Using Lorals

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re taking the next step to make oral an even bigger part of your pleasure repertoire.

We know it can be hard to try something new without a full run-down first! To answer your questions, we’re taking you through every step of the Lorals journey – from arrival day to yummy partner play. Here is absolutely everything you need to know about getting your pleasure using Lorals.

A Quick Note on Delivery

First things first: if you’re worried about the mailman knowing all your business, let us put your mind at ease. Your Lorals will arrive at your door in a super discreet padded envelope. Inside is your lovely little box of Lorals, wrapped up like a birthday present.

1. Open + Unfold

Open up the box to find four individually-packaged Lorals panties, folded up in pristine Marie Kondo fashion. The material is so thin (10x thinner than regular undies, OK bragging) that it may take you a second to unfold the front from the back. Just wet your finger to help tease the two sides apart. 

2. Put ‘Em On

This can be fun with both partners in the room, like a little show just for you two. Or the person wearing them can get a test run in, to find what works for them. 

To easily don your Lorals, we recommend placing Lorals’ waistband along the outside of both of your hands and stretching them out to each side. Then, step inside, and move your hands up parallel to your body to slide them on. Check out this video for a tutorial!

Lorals come in two styles/cuts: Bikinis and Shorties. The material is really flexible, so you can get the exact coverage and style you want. For the Shorties, you can pull the front up high for a little extra coverage around the tummy, or you can let them dip down in the front to get a sexy tanga look in back. If you opt for the Bikinis, you can pull the sides high for that 80’s style, or let them lay at your hips – then arrange the back like a Bikini brief or like a thong.

3. Get A Feel

Once you’ve got your Lorals on, just spend a minute taking it all in. At first it might feel like you’re wearing nothing at all! But then touch your body and notice how much sensation you get. Also, think about how Lorals feel against your clitoris. Notice a little bit of a taut pull? We love that nice firm sensation; it’s a great turn-on even before the action starts!

Talk through the sensations with your partner, and give them the opportunity to caress and feel you through the latex.

See how Lorals feel, and consider whether you want to add a small amount of water- or silicone-based lube between your Lorals and your body (especially if you’re prepping for some rimming action).

4. Partner Play

If your partner hasn't been in the room with you, now's the time! Some people like to do a sexy reveal or striptease with their Lorals before oral, and others pull Lorals on quickly right as things heat up. It’s completely up to you. One thing’s for sure: Lorals are meant to add to your experience with your partner, not hinder it.

Not sure how to talk to your partner about Lorals? Check out our blog post here.

Once things get going, we recommend that you nestle Lorals between the folds of your labia and between your butt cheeks. This gets your partner's tongue as close as possible to your curves. (Trust us, this is one wedgie SO worth it.) Then get it on!

Don’t know where to start with oral? Our All About Cunnilingus guide is perfect for those just starting to explore and experts looking to level up. 

5. Try Something New

Beyond typical techniques, Lorals can also be a fun way to expand your oral repertoire! Here are a few ways to add new dimensions to your regularly scheduled sexual programming:

  • Try out rimming – There are so many delicious nerve endings in the booty, and Lorals allow you to explore without worrying about poop!
  • Try out kinky play – Lorals are a great way to dip a toe (or a whole leg) into BDSM, impact play, and so many other sensations.
  • Try out period fun – Period sex is great, and period oral is even better!

6. Take ‘Em Off

Lorals are single-use, so just pull them off whenever you’re done and throw them out! 

7. Prepare for Next Time

Here are some tips for getting the best oral – all the time!

  • Create a ritual around oral pleasure – More than just setting the mood or creating a habit, giving oral pleasure a place of honor and excitement in your life can lead to so many unexpected benefits. So go ahead, light those candles, talk through exactly how you want to be touched, where you want it to happen, and anything else that helps you elevate every oral experience.  
  • Stash Lorals everywhere – So you’re never without them when you need them, stash Lorals on the bedside table, in your bag, in your desk at work (a little lunchtime quickie anyone?).
  • Schedule your oral – Hear us out! It can be hard to make pleasure a priority, so talk to your partner about establishing a Wet Wednesday routine where you both enjoy some mind blowing oral. You might be surprised at how many other days a week someone ends up going down!
  • Subscribe to pleasure – Never miss out on oral again, by automatically having Lorals delivered each month! It’s a great way to set your pleasure routine and get a little reminder that you can always have more oral. To subscribe, choose your Lorals style and color and click the Subscribe & Save button. 
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Written by the Lorals Team. The Lorals Team is here to offer inclusive, honest, and accurate pleasure education for all. Each article is reviewed by our experts and educators to ensure you get the facts and answers you need.

Reviewed & Edited by Sarah Brown, a sex and intimacy educator with 10 years of experience designing and marketing intimate wellness and pleasure products.