Lorals have been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Bustle, Elite Daily, Autostraddle, and more. Check out some highlights below!
New York Times

Lorals has eroticized protection, something condom companies have struggled to do for years


I Tried the FDA-Cleared Underwear for Protection Against STI-Transmission During Oral Sex

Huffington Post

I Hated Oral Sex My Entire Life. Here's How I Finally Fell In Love With It.


A Guide to Safer Sex for People with Vulvas

Beauty Independent

Lorals' FDA clearance represents a significant milestone for female equality in the sexual health arena


How to Have Sex on Your Period

The Fifty Shades Effect

The Cut New York Magazine

One tiny yet revolutionary slip of black latex


18 Queer-Owned And Operated Sex Shops To Support (Even After Pride Month)


How To Do It: Advice by Stoya


FDA-Cleared Panties Could Reduce STI Risk During Oral Sex


Hot Dam: How the most overlooked prophylactic may finally make a dent in bedrooms across America

Women in Charge: Meet the Female Honchos Shaking Up the Pleasure Biz

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Here Are 45 Sex Toys And Accessories From Woman-Owned Brands That Deliver Lots Of Bang For Your Buck


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The 15 Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gifts

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A (Sexy) Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Lovers of All Identities


These Vanilla-Scented Panties Protect Against STIs During Oral Sex


Lorals' New Anti-STI Underwear For Oral Sex Gets FDA Clearance

Inside Hook

Is Flavored Underwear the Key to Safer Oral Sex?

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Non-Binary Partner

Fast Company

This Lingerie Brand Has a Feel-Good Plan to Close the Orgasm Gap for Women


The Dental Dam Is Overdue for an Update, and Lorals Is Offering a Sexy Alternative


The Ultimate Guide to Rimming 

Paper Magazine

Women Are Revolutionizing the Sex Tech Industry

New York Times

Vaginas Deserve Giant Ads, Too


Lorals Is Lingerie That's Made For Oral Sex — And Here's How It Works


This lingerie is designed to be left on during oral sex

Venture Beat

Lorals used tech to craft oral sex lingerie for women

Elite Daily

Lorals Lingerie Is Made For Oral Sex & It Helps In A Big Way

Women's Health

What Is ‘Fluid Bonding’ And Should I Even Consider It?

Vogue Japan

What's the latest Femtech & Care item for you?

Hello Giggles

This women’s lingerie brand was created specifically for oral sex

Logo NewNowNext

Dental Dams Be Damned: Lorals Are Here to Help You Have More Oral Sex


Thin Latex Undergarments Designed as First Lingerie for Oral Sex


Brands to Watch


Everything You Need to Know About Using a Dental Dam