Get Kinky This Scorpio Season

Get Kinky This Scorpio Season

Between the changing weather and Halloween season spookifying everything in its wake, you might feel a prickling excitement in your bones, a wicked awakening. Well, your intuition is picking up on more than barometric changes — Scorpio season is upon us. The scorpion is a dangerous creature, ruled by emotion and instinct, and Scorpio season has the tendency to bring out the bolder aspects of our personality. What does that mean for your sex life? It’s an especially steamy season, full of new naughtiness and chance encounters. 

Ready? Here’s the scoop: read on to find out what Scorpio season means for your sex life, based on your zodiac sign.


The sun, which rules your confidence, moves into your fourth house of sentimental feeling on Monday the 28th. You’ll be more emotionally open than usual, making it a great time to start thinking about whether that weekend booty call has relationship potential, or have some deep discussions with your partner. Pillow talk is the name of your sex game this season, and that can be steamy AF! If you’re tired of the emotional chats, use the communicative energy to try out some dirty talk, or have fun with sexting from afar.


As the Scorpion sun opposes your ruling communication planet, you feel candid AF little Pisces. That means this is a great time to ask for exactly what you want in the boudoir. That might look like telling your hookup that actually, no, that’s not where your clit is. This season, NOTHING is getting faked, orgasms included. It also means (and this is a favorite here at Lorals) asking for oral when you want it! It’s okay -- no, encouraged -- to tell your partner you want them to go down on you, and to really own your pleasure, whatever that looks like. 



Starting on Oct 28, the planets began paying tribute to your financial zones for a few weeks, so it’s a great time to think about the joys money can bring. Can money buy happiness? No. But can it buy some amazing new lingerie or a badass vibrator necklace? Heck yes! Allow yourself to indulge your decadent side this season, and invest in what makes you feel your sexiest. 



Good news, little nurturer. Scorpio season fires up your seventh house of relationships, and you can look forward to steamy nights ahead. Channel the scorpion energy and be bold — it’ll be a year before the stars align this powerfully in your favor again! Like anything else, relationships are what you make of them, so don’t lie back and hope things go your way. Take initiative! Ask a cute stranger out. Suggest trying something new with your partner. The stars are aligned in your favor right now, so if you put sexual energy out into the world it will be returned tenfold.



We all take good health for granted, but Geminis especially tend to have a hard time taking a break, and stretch the boundaries of mental health. Your emotional energy during Scorpio season will become chaotic if you don’t give extra attention to your self-care routine. Be mindful of how emotions feel in your body. Orgasms are an amazingly powerful way to relieve stress and increase endorphins, so Scorpio season is a great time to pull out the vibrator and make self-love physical. Seriously, if you can, try to orgasm every night as a way to shed the anxiety from the day and restore balance.



Unlike most signs, you’ve got TWO areas of life lighting up equally: work and sex. At work, you can use that scorpion intensity to push for excellence, but try to channel that heat in a more generous way in the bedroom. This is a great time to try something new with your partner (hmm, maybe a certain vanilla-flavored super-thin latex panty? Just a thought 😘), but keep the energy focused on discovering more about their fantasies and desires instead of your own. You’ll find it brings you emotionally closer to your partner in surprising ways, and that will make the physical connection deeper as well.



Harmonious Venus moved into Sagittarius and your leisure zone on Friday the 1st, giving you dreamy, romantic vibes. It’s now a great time for sugary sweet date nights or starting up a new fling. If you see a cutie across the bar, whisper sweet nothings in their ear and they’ll be all yours. But leave heavy conversations about your relationship until later, until talkative Mercury turns direct on November 20. Until then, get out those chocolate-covered strawberries, re-discover the joy of licking whipped cream off your partner's nipples, and keep things fun and sweet.



On the 30th, your ruling planet, socially magnetic Venus, teams up with Mercury, ushering in a few weeks where meeting new people will be a breeze. If you’re single, try swiping right on the apps! The stars are aligned for you to match with a super cutie or two and have some fun, adventurous dates. If you’re boo’d up, try something new with your partner! Roleplay is especially encouraged this season (and have you read our article about using Lorals for a steamy night in costumes?). Meeting new people includes meeting a new side of yourself, so channel your inner fantasy by dressing like the pop star or super hero you draw strength from.



The Scorpio season really amplifies your personal charm, dialing up the natural magnetism that draws people to you. You’ll have people eating out of the palm of your hands...and while we’re talking about eating out, this is a great time to channel some sexual energy into recieving oral sex. If it’s something you usually feel hesitant to ask for (Libras often get lost in their self-critique and have a hard time articulating their own desires), use this season as a little push to conquer that anxiety. And if you want an extra layer of protection to help you feel comfortable, your trusty Lorals are always here for you. This season, the stars are aligned for your partners to react exuberantly to your request, and for new levels of pleasure to be unlocked by all involved.



Ok, Scorpio babe. It’s your season, and the chaotic energy is really going to have the biggest effect on you. You’re going to feel pulled in two directions in many aspects of your life. You’ll feel an intense desire to split from your status quo -- whether that’s a job or a relationship. But you’ll also feel a strong desire to dig in your heels -- to take on more responsibility at work or reveal some secret parts of yourself to a partner. You can’t do both at once, so try to force yourself to go slow, make pro and cons lists to think through which direction is going to best serve you long term.



Your spiritual zones are lighting up right now, which means it’s a good time to use your sex life as a way to connect to something bigger than yourself. Pull out that copy of the Kama Sutra and channel the spiritual vibes you save for yoga class into a bendy night with your partner. Or get witchy with it: Have you ever heard of sex magic? Check out this Sex Magic For Beginners guide to help manifest your deepest desires into your life.


Hello rams! Scorpio season is making everything topsy turvy, but in your corner of the solar system, that can be channeled into positive changes. The energy encourages you to flip the script and try something completely different in your sex life. In particular, it’s a great time to explore domming and subbing. If you’re already into the D/s scene, switch up your usual role. If not, now is the time to try out handcuffs, spanking, or anything else you’ve thought about but haven’t tried. Kinkly is a great resource if you’re looking to get started, with articles ranging from BDSM 101 to beginner guides for domming or subbing.

OK, shiny stars! Pushing through chaotic Scorpio season is intense, but remembers there’s always leftover Halloween candy in abundance to help you get through it. Here’s to many steamy nights ahead! xoxox