Silky latex panties designed for oral sex

A New Way to Have Oral Sex

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Pleasure Play

Snap, stretch, or rip through our slinky latex to kink things up.

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Hit the Rim

Explore rimming without getting tangled up in thoughts about you-know-what.

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Post-Workout & Pre-Shower

Enjoy impromptu oral even when you’re not feeling your freshest.

Turn up the Kink

Lorals offers plenty of opportunities to turn up the kink. Try out a classic Dom/sub order exercise by having your partner tell you when and how to put on the Lorals.

10x Thinner Than Normal Panties

Lorals are ultra-thin so you feel every.little.thing. Plus, the super stretchy latex is easy on the tongue (and tastes like vanilla).

Ready When You Need ‘Em

Just like condoms, Lorals are single-use. They're individually packaged to fit discretely in a bag or pocket.


Just put em on and go wild!
- Amanda


Just the thought of them turned me on! Carrying them around felt like a sexy secret.  And when we tried them, I felt so much sensation. I was surprised how sensitive they were!  (and I had an orgasm! ;)


"She looks really sexy in them, and I love that I can see what I need to see but there's a little bit of mystery too." 
- Donna

The Ultimate Pleasure: 5 Ways to Use Lorals for BDSM Play

Add something new to your steamy night by incorporating Lorals into your kinky play!