About Us

Lorals is a lingerie company dedicated to helping you love oral always


Science has proven that when women receive oral sex, it makes us feel great in the moment (leading to an orgasm three times more often than intercourse!). And, huge bonus, all those extra orgasms improve our physical health, make us less stressed, and strengthen our relationships.

But even though women love oral sex in theory, we say no to it incredibly often. Maybe we haven’t showered or it’s our time of the month. Or maybe we just don’t feel sexy enough.

Lorals solves that problem with beautiful lingerie that responds to the touch of a partner’s mouth, while creating a paper-thin barrier to scents, tastes, and fluids.

Our mission is to help women feel sexy, beautiful, and empowered, whenever they want oral sex.


Made for women, by women


Lorals founder Melanie Cristol wanted to help more women say yes.

As a peer health educator at Columbia University — and as someone who’d talk with friends (and strangers) about pretty much anything — she’d heard from so many women who loved oral sex yet turned it down almost every time. One day in 2014 when she found herself saying no, the idea for Lorals was born.

A consumer products and healthcare attorney at the time, Melanie left her job and dedicated herself to creating this new product. She spoke with dozens of women about their personal experiences, reviewed oral-sex research from the past several decades, and designed the first prototypes of Lorals.

The Lorals team expanded over the next two years to include brilliant manufacturers, designers, marketers, and medical device experts, who have worked with world-class organizations like Victoria's Secret, Johnson & Johnson, and NARAL Pro-Choice America. We tested and refined Lorals with feedback from women and their partners, growing Lorals into the products that are available today.

Would you like to see Lorals do something else to improve your oral sex experience? Contact us and let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts.