A Sexual Wellness Product to Get Excited About

We’re on a mission to empower more people to experience intimacy freely and fully.

Couples, throuples, hookups, spouses, cis, trans, queer, conservative, kinky—Lorals are made to help anyone and everyone say yes to maximizing pleasure.

The World Needs More Oral

Studies show oral sex is 3x more likely than intercourse to lead to orgasms for women. It’s a way to gift intimacy, a selfless way of putting the focus solely on the receiver. And, oh yeah, it feels AMAZING.

More Love for Our Bodies

We think sexual pleasure is a healthy way to show our bodies love. But even those of us who are 100% comfortable with our bodies (and the myriad of fluids and scents we produce), sometimes just don’t want bare all. Lorals allows for deep sensual connection while giving you control over how much you want to reveal.

More Products for More People

Until now, options were extremely limited for those not always comfortable with skin-to-skin oral. There’s no single correct way to get pleasure, and yet, one look at the sexual health aisle will tell you a different story. It’s time to evolve. We believe the best products not only advance design but also diversify who we’re designing for.

Our Founder

“I’m passionate about helping people become healthier and happier through love and intimacy. I created Lorals because I want everyone to be able to experience great sex, with full confidence, on our own terms, and in whatever way feels best for our bodies."
- Melanie Cristol, Founder & CEO

Our Partners

We are who we are because of the support of these partners (and many more):
Bixel Exchange
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Backstage Capital
Google for Startups
Lambda School