We are overjoyed that Lorals for Protection are stocked at many clinics, physician offices, educational institutions, and non-profits around the country!

If you’d like to share Lorals with your medical and educational community, please see the option that applies to you below.

I Want to Sell Lorals

Dozens of educational institutions and physician offices sell Lorals on-site. If you are interested in doing so, please fill out our Wholesale Order Form here.

I Want to Give Away Lorals (Non-Profits Only)

Join nearly 100 registered non-profits and healthcare institutions that provide Lorals to low-income communities at no cost. Registered non-profits can fill out our Bulk Order Form here to receive a 40% discount on purchases made for this purpose.   

I Want a Sample

Educators and medical providers may sign up for our affiliate program here. When you join, we’ll send you one free sample (US only), and you’ll receive a code to purchase additional products at a discount of 30%. We’re a very small company with a limited budget, and we apologize for not being able to offer multiple free samples at this time.

I Want a Discount Code for My Community

Educators, medical providers, and non-profit affiliates may sign up for our affiliate program here. When you join, you’ll receive a Lorals discount code to provide to your community, plus other perks.

We're excited to partner with you!