5 Easy Ways to Invest in Self-Care That Are Totally Worth It

5 Easy Ways to Invest in Self-Care That Are Totally Worth It

It’s no secret that a lot of us have trouble taking time out to treat ourselves. We often feel obligated to put the needs of others over ourselves, but self-care is essential for emotional well-being. There’s a plethora of ways to indulge these days, but how do you choose when there’s such a wealth of options? We’ve done the hard work for you, and found some of the best ways to treat yourself right. Here are some of our picks for easy self-care essentials you can pick up without even leaving the house.


Cheer Up Your Bath for $20

Sure bath bombs are fizzy and fun to look at. But these bad boys actually pack a therapeutic punch. CBD-infused Bath Bombs have become something of a sleeper hit online amongst those looking for a solution to sore and tired muscles. Some call these little miracles “bliss bombs” because of the results they achieve. Available in different strengths, you can power up your bath and not only treat your skin but the hard-working parts under it.  Get it from Life Elements for $20 or a bundle for $45.

Face Masking on Fleek for $27

Nothing makes you feel brand new like a fresh post-mask face, and this kit from Tony Moly has got it all. A perfect sampler of all the best luxe cult ingredients like snail jelly and caviar, it tackles a myriad of skin concerns from anti-aging to dry skin. Pop one on, kick up your feet, and you’ll be feeling all dewy in no time! Get it from Tony Moly.

Drink Smarter Not Harder for $45 

This is an easy one. None of us are ever getting enough water. You know it, we know it, and the portable water bottle you keep forgetting to drink from throughout the day knows it too. Wouldn’t it be great if your bottle did the work for you? Hidrate has a line of water bottles that glow to remind you when it’s time to drink up and a handy app that helps you track your intake over time. Plus it’s about 1000x nicer to look at than traditional sports bottle models. Get it from the Hidrate site or Amazon. 

Do Some Deep Conditioning for $28

Short hair, long hair, thick hair, light hair, or barely there hair -- whatever you’re rocking on your dome, the most important thing is that it is yours. Indulge in a little treatment for your tresses. The boost you feel when you’re living your best hair life is some of the best kind of self-care there is. Grab the Thirsty Girl leave-in coconut milk conditioner from IGK and treat your tresses to a little dedicated TLC. 

Get Oral Sex (4 times!) for $25 

Sex care is self-care. We already know about the incredible health benefits of orgasms: a good climax can decrease insomnia, relieve stress, improve your immune system, boost self esteem, and even lead to a longer lifespan. And oral sex is one of the most effective ways to get there -- in a study of women’s sexual response, vaginal intercourse led to orgasm 25 percent of the time, and oral led to orgasm 81 percent of the time! Pleasure is healthy, natural, and something you totally deserve. Grab a pack of Lorals and rev up your oral sex life. 


Written by the Lorals Team. The Lorals Team is here to offer inclusive, honest, and accurate pleasure education for all. Each article is reviewed by our experts and educators to ensure you get the facts and answers you need.

Reviewed & Edited by Sarah Brown, a sex and intimacy educator with 10 years of experience designing and marketing intimate wellness and pleasure products.